Dentists nominated to receive dentpedia Awards

dentpedia awards 2020

What is dentpedia Awards?

dentpedia Awards is a competitive awards program that recognizes dental practices in various aspects of the dental care and patient experience. The value of an dentpedia Award is powerful in terms of its ability to boost recognition and market visibility.

How to enter?

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Our goal is to help patients to find the best dental care and patient experience.
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  • There are only 20 dentists nominated per city / year (program available only for major cities);
  • One single award per city / year, the dentpedia Awards will be announced on ​December 2020;
  • The nominalizations are based only on data and stats available on our website (data based on patients' activity).

How do we rank?

Awards are determined by dentpedia Ranking. Our ranking is a complex algorithm that is built from a dynamic data based on patients' activity that calculates a score for many items (suchs as: dentpedia's traffic, number of appointments, phone calls, website clicks, patients' rating score etc...)

  • You don't need to be a Sponsored listing to rank higher;
  • The ranking is based only on data and stats available on our website (data based on patients' activity);
  • Ranking is calculated by city (ex: Rank 10 from Toronto is not the same with Rank 10 from Montreal);
  • This is by no means the only ranking you should consider when selecting a dentist.

Top 20 ranked dentists in Markham

  1. Rank: 10 » Dr. Applebaum, Neil B 19,826 pts
  2. Rank: 2 » Dr. Chow, Deacon 3,502 pts
  3. Rank: 2 » Dr. Chung, Alexander 3,327 pts
  4. Rank: 1 » Dr. Laski, Sol B and Brian N 2,907 pts
  5. Rank: 1 » Dr. Jason K. Tam BSc DDS Cert Ortho FRCD(C) 2,775 pts
  6. Rank: 1 » Dr. Tai, Jonathan 2,677 pts
  7. Rank: 1 » Dr. Rajasekaran, Arun 2,409 pts
  8. Rank: 1 » Dr. Ang, Susie 1,967 pts
  9. Rank: 1 » Dr. Cooperberg, Harvey N 1,798 pts
  10. Rank: 1 » Dr. Sam Chu, Kelly 1,764 pts
  11. Rank: 1 » Dr. Mui, Bennett S H 1,725 pts
  12. Rank: 1 » Dr. K. Sharma 1,622 pts
  13. Rank: 1 » Dr. Elliott, Tarra L 1,612 pts
  14. Rank: 1 » Dr. Ho-Fatt, Andrea N S 1,597 pts
  15. Rank: 1 » Dr. Karavos, Matthew J 1,539 pts
  16. Rank: 1 » Dr. Jacob, Victor 1,519 pts
  17. Rank: 1 » Dr. Ng, Raymond H 1,444 pts
  18. Rank: 1 » Dr. Shapero, Barry E 1,433 pts
  19. Rank: 1 » Dr. Cragg, Betty L 1,364 pts